As we move through Disability Awareness Month, Starfish Savers is proud to feature someone who gives a wonderful perspective of Autism Spectrum Disorder to the world through a letter: "Dear world, The subject of autism is definitely a hard thing to understand, but I hope that I can share, from my perspective, what it’s like to have it. My name is Lauren Vogel, and I’m not exactly what you call the most ...


October 2017-Starfish Making Waves

Starfish Making Waves This month most children have one thing on their minds, candy!  We as adults may also be thinking of sweets and parties, but the month of October carries with it a lot of disability/disorder awareness events.  For example, October is “Global ADHD and Diversity Awareness Month.”  It is also National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  Employment for adults with disabilities is very important to Starfish Savers.  For more information and resources about employment, feel free to visit ...


August 2017- Starfish Making Waves!

With the end of the summer break comes the struggle to have all accommodations, supplies and students in place.  Make sure you’re ready! The Team Tidepool Jeana Adams is beginning to pursue her RBT licence! Let’s take a moment to Celebrate! JW has been accepted into Virginia Tech!  Congratulations! L completed her own fanfiction star wars novel AND passed her learner’s permit test! Upcoming August Events Wine & Dine for Autism Description: A private charity event with tickets 25$ at the door ...


July 2017, Starfish Making Waves

July, one of the hottest months of the year.  Despite the heat, there is always something going on.  It is summer after all!  Check out the disability-friendly parks in Virginia at http://www.fairfaxfamilyfun.com/special-needs if you are looking for an inclusive environment to play.  The JCCNV also offers a multitude of summer camps and activities as well, simply check under their website heading “Special Needs.” The Team Tidepool Several students obtained ESY with the help of our advocacy services who were ...


Starfish Making Waves!!  -- June Newsletter June, the month that is on everyone’s mind, at least if you have or are a child about to graduate into a new stage of your life!  As we move into the summer, be sure to take time to address the future.  Edutopia gives a very thorough article called “Transition Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators” (https://www.edutopia.org/blog/transition-resources-teachers-matt-davis) to help all ages transition.   The Team Tidepool Jeana Adams has ...


Starfish Making Waves!!

It's May!! May is Foster Care month as well as Mental Health Awareness month.  Formed Families Forward is a non-profit organization dedicated to pooling information and resources in the Northern Virginia area and providing it to families centered around an adoptive or foster child.  Be sure to check out “Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care Toolkit, webinar series and ESSA regulations available now” at http://formedfamiliesforward.org/ in the “Recent News” section. In Honor of Mental Health Awareness month, Starfish ...


Science Fair – First Place Achievement

We are so proud of one of our client's recent achievements.  He won first place on his science project at his school's science fair.  He is a 5th grader and he is moving onto Regionals.  Congratulations and good luck!


Today we are highlighting an article written by Brian Randall that appears in the EducationNC's online blog, www.EdNC.org's, "Hope Street Group."  Brian Randall is the son of Larrie Ellen Randall, Executive Director of Starfish Savers, LLC, a consulting company serving people with special needs. Take a moment to find out how a growth mindset applies to state testing, professional educators, student achievement and morale.   Brian shares his concerns and solutions: "...we will be judged and success will be determined by one metric – one ...